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What Are the Temple Teachings?

The Temple Teachings are transcribed trance-channeled sessions with The Teachers of the Temple of Initiation into the Radiant Life. The approximately 150 sessions include lessons about the Laws of the Universe, the creative process and human evolution as well as meditative exercises and ways to apply The Teachings.

What makes this particular material different? Unlike other channeled material or manuscripts which claim to be Truth, the guidance of this material is to question everything you believe and everything presented as a means of knowing who you are, and how you respond to life's experiences and why. The material is interesting, consistent, and challenging, but its real value reveals itself as you study and work to understand and use the concepts presented. Your intention and personal application drive and direct your growth.

Our Mission

To provide information to assist individuals in personal growth in consciousness, thereby resulting in the growth of the collective consciousness.

Seymour Lovejoy

TempleTeachings.com is owned by Seymour Lovejoy which is a business/professional name, and a motto and perspective offered to you.

Ultimately, what do you have other than Consciousness? It's simple: When you love more, there is more love "in the world" and you will be conscious of more love and joy. Know love and joy by studying your memories and feelings. Find within your experiences love and joy. Be able to recall the feelings at will. Know how to respond to life with love (acceptance and giving) and joy. Choose to Seymour Lovejoy.

Jnana Sivananda

Contact Information

General Information: Postmaster@TempleTeachings.com