The Power of Delight

The Temple Teachers urge us to maintain a perspective of delight. Imagine a child delighted with a toy. Wouldn’t it be great to feel that delighted all the time? Sure, things aren’t always picture perfect, but if you look for something to be delighted about, you’ll find it. Delight is magnetic. The more you choose delight for your perspective, the more you’ll be delighted.

If you’d like to be delighted more often:

1) Start using the word.  (“I’m delighted to see you.”  “That’s delightful”.)

2) Notice when you or someone else is delighted.

3) Take delight in something that’s happening.

4) Imagine a twinkle in your eye.

5) Delight is a power we all have. Turn on Delight.

Seymour Lovejoy

Seymour Lovejoy