You Are a TV Set

For a moment, think of yourself as a television set. You have capacity for many channels and have no preference for any particular channel or program. You simply do your job and show whatever is sent to your screen. You are not attached. You are content to be of service. The story does not affect you emotionally, but unlike a regular TV set, you can learn from the information presented. You are truly dispassionate and objective.

Now, consider a video game on this television set. Let your awareness switch and now you are the controller of the video game, you are the driver of a very sophisticated robot aware of its environment. It can do anything a human can do and even morph itself to be and act like an ant. You have complete control of this robot and can generate an environment that persists around it. The purpose of this robot is to improve the story, to add value, your purpose is to lead the robot through experiences that benefit what is, in some way.

This robot manifests in multiple dimensions simultaneously. It has awareness of a physical environment where things appear to manifest slowly and dissolve slowly, and awareness of a less solid environment where things change immediately according to one’s intention and imagination, and dissolve when no longer needed.

Our challenge now is to use our imaginations to create a universe we would want to live in by describing it. We’ll describe it by declaring our divine attributes. Start with awareness and potential.

Draw in creative energy with your in-breath and create awareness and potential by exhaling and invoking Khamael (KHA-MAY-EL 3 times), “I am disciplined forcefulness of the Absolute. And so it is.” This is now an aspect of our universe: You are aware and create anything.

Now draw in creative energy with your in-breath and create intentional control by exhaling and invoking Gabriel (GAH-BREE-EL 3 times), “I will Divine will. And so it is.” This is now a second aspect of our universe: Creations conform to Divine purpose, that is, to benefit the whole.

Now draw in creative energy with your in-breath and create love and compassion everywhere by invoking Tzadkiel (TZAD-KEE-EL 3 times), “Mercy, Love and Compassion are infinitely reproduced. And so it is.” This is now a third aspect of our universe: Every thought and action is loving.

Now let’s take this skeleton of a universe and make it available for all to experience and build from.

Would you like to live in a wonderful world? Play the video game and enhance your inner world and the outer world.

Seymour Lovejoy


Ritual = Focus

An expert is, by definition, one who has accumulated and integrated within oneself a certain amount of experience in a particular category. In order to become an expert you have to focus on something. It’s the same with meditation. You’re focusing on something to extract information from wherever it resides.

The word “ritual” is often associated with religious or spiritual activities, but, in truth, anything which we choose to do on a regular basis could be considered a ritual. Try this for an eye-opener: make lists of the things that you do regularly, i.e. annually, monthly, weekly, daily. Then examine each one, why you repeat it, and reconsider its worthiness beyond maintaining a tradition. Are they things that you, personally, want to continue to do? Choose what you want to be an expert at, and repeat those things.

The Teachers tell us that we each have a “source group”, essentially guardian angels who do what they can to guide us behind the scenes, assisting us in our growth, our health, our prosperity, IF we listen. They can’t interfere or make us do things but they can and do communicate. The Teachers recommend that we initiate conversations and expect responses. The responses can be thoughts that seem to pop into our heads, or things that we see as we live our daily lives that stand out as unusual, such as realizations, inspirations or “aha moments”.

My daily ritual includes thanking all my teachers, including the Temple Teachers, my guides, and the Universe itself, and requesting their input. Results: I’m inspired daily, I arrive at the right place at the right time, I get the answers I need when I need them. The Teachers tell us time and again that our guides and source group are here to help us and, in fact, their progress is dependent on ours, even to the extent that we are encouraged to demand assistance and expect it. But remember, you have to act upon the information you receive to enhance your life.

What do you think life would be like if you had a team of expert advisors always giving input, and you took their advice?

Seymour Lovejoy


On Angels and Archangels

One thing you’re guaranteed with the Temple Teachings, new interpretations of words. In some cases it’s because the English language is lacking in words to fully express multi-dimensional concepts.

Consider The Teachers’ definitions of angels and archangels. The Teachers tell us that an archangel is a natural power already within us which we can turn on and wield through intention and invocation, and that an angel is a deliverer of that power. An angel can take any form to accomplish the assigned task.

“An archangel is like electricity, an angel is like a lamp and light is the accomplished mission of the angel.” (Session #123 – August 13, 1989)

What are the powers the archangels represent? The fundamental attributes of the laws of this universe and cosmos.

1) Existence and Ability, governed by the Law of I AM. Archangel: Khamael (KAH-MAY-EL)

2) Creativity and Persistence, governed by the Law of I WILL. Archangel: Gabriel (GAH-BREE-EL)

3) Wisdom, governed by the Law of Ideation. Archangel: Ratziel (RAT-ZEE-EL)

4) Beauty, governed by the Law of Process. Archangel: Rafael (RAH-FAH-EL)

5) Mercy, Love and Compassion, governed by the Law of Reproduction. Archangel: Tzadkiel (TZAD-KEE-EL)

6) Knowledge, governed by the Law of Harmony. Archangel: Sandalphon (SAHN-DAHL-FONE)

7) Understanding, governed by the Law of Illusion. Archangel: Tzaphkiel (TZOFF-KEE-EL)

8) Feeling and Desire, governed by the Law of Dominance. Archangel: Michael (MICK-KAY-EL)

9) Mastery, governed by the Law of Relinquishment. Archangel: Haniel (HAH-NEE-EL)

We are told to invoke in triplets, contemplating the attributes: 3 Khamael, 3 Gabriel, then 3 of one of the other archangels, taking a full breath to pronounce each name each time. The sounds of the names resonate with and enable the corresponding attribute.

Want to experience and embody the attributes? Tune in by invoking the archangels.

Seymour Lovejoy