Exercise in Creation #237

Here’s an exercise and an act of creation:

Take about 2 minutes in a quiet place. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and imagine feeling a hug so wonderful, so completing that it makes up for all the hugs you‘ve ever wanted and not received. Bask in that feeling.

Do the exercise as many times as it takes to remember and feel the feeling at will.

Seymour Lovejoy


Your Super Powers – Tzaphiel

Remember, the Archangels are actually powers within you, activated by invocation and intention, which assist you in creating your world, enhancing it and moving on to the next creation. These super powers allow you to create in multiple realms in this universe.

Again, the formula is:
The Archangel invokes the power of the law, working with the principle, to produce the attribute.
Tzaphkiel, pronounced TZ-OFF-KEE-EL, invokes the power of the Law of Illusion, working with the principle of Balance, producing Understanding.
Traditional Invocation: Tzaphkiel, Tzaphkiel, Tzaphkiel. Divine illusion settles the properties of this matter and brings balance and understanding.
The teachers said: “You have a power center with the Archangel Tzaphkiel, Divine Illusion. When you are in doubt, invoke Tzaphkiel for enlightenment. ‘Tzaphkiel’ means ‘to dream’ including both sleeping dreams and aspirations. This is to give you the hint that true balance comes in form, but not necessarily form found in your earth-physical manifestation. You witness in the earth-physical more imbalance than balance because there is such lack of understanding. The illusion is that form is the reality, when that is not true. The reality is what lies behind the form. The reality is The Divine Fire. Thus it is that you must give form to your thoughts, to your feelings, to your, what you call, spirit in order to establish the balance.”

“The Principle of Balance stands behind man’s attempt to reach God. And it’s all operative under the Law of Illusion, for if one did not expect to find reality in the form, one would not be in ignorance. But inasmuch as this is the way your universe has been constructed, that is the way you must travel to achieve understanding, through balance. ”

“When you have balanced the forms of one level of experience, you can then move on to achieve balance in the forms of higher levels of experience. With these lessons we are approaching an understanding of everyday life and the meaning of that life, what may lie ahead of that life, what may be accomplished with that life, how that life can be better in quality.”

“When you call on Tzaphkiel, the answer very often will come in a form of something that will demonstrate to you perhaps the futility of your expectation or will be representative of another aspect of the situation. When you are puzzled by a certain set of circumstances, you may call upon Tzaphkiel to interpret the form of the thing for you. The answer may come in dreams, in intuition, and even everyday symbology. This is that level of experience that gives you physical signs.  For instance, a book falls into your hands, or you unexpectedly meet someone. A picture appears unexpectedly or in an unanticipated place or manner. A word may be said you, in some way, little signals are given.”

“If, for instance, you wish to have something revealed to you which previously has been hidden from you, you would go with the Law of Illusion.”

My favorite invocation for Tzaphkiel is: With Tzaphkiel I joyfully declare, “Understanding illusion maintains my serenity and enables my creativity.

Discussion: This invocation format states the intention of the invocation prior to the invocation, and affirms an attitude of joy. Joy is a necessary component of the enthusiasm that is part of the fuel of creation. Here I’m declaring that I understand the messages that experience gives, have balance (serenity) and am able to use the images and ideas that come to me and the signs that appear in daily life to answer questions that arise, and to bring forth new creations. The word imagination comes up in the discussion of illusion. I prefer the word “imager” to describe the faculty we have to give form to something that may not already be demonstrated in the physical. If you want to understand something, form the question, invoke Tzaphkiel and watch for the answer to appear as life unfolds in front of you.

Seymour Lovejoy

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HREE – Exceeding all limits

Suppose you positioned your mouth as if you were going to whistle, and blew at the roof of your mouth, versus your focusing on your lips. If you make your tongue concave or U-shaped, you get a round tone sounding like “who”. If, however you make your tongue flat, you get a sound more like the double “o” in “hook”. And as you move your cheeks into a smile, you get an “ee” sound. There is an ancient sacred sound “hree” used as a focusing exercise in traditional Hindu meditative practice. Perhaps you’ve heard of pink noise and white noise. White noise is a “hiss”, if you will, more like “ee”.

Got a few minutes? Try this as focusing exercise:

In a quiet room, sit comfortably and imagine a pure tone, perhaps like a flute, in your audible range. Then, using your imagination, make that tone slide up higher and higher and higher until it leaves the audible range through pink and white noise and goes on… and on… and on…

All of a sudden there’s a huge flash so bright that nothing is distinguishable anywhere… and you just listen to your breath. Enjoy the calm and take it with you out into the world.

Seymour Lovejoy