Blissings.Org: A Global Portal for Unconditional Love

Critical mass describes the point, like the boiling point of water, where, due to an increase of some kind, something fundamentally changes.

In order for the collective human consciousness to evolve in any direction, a significant percentage of people on earth must share a common viewpoint.

To that end, the website was created to provide a means for people to unite in consciousness and increase the amount of unconditional love in the world.

We’re familiar with the concept of a blessing. When we “bless” food, we take a moment to give thanks for what we have, and ask that the food be divinely enriched for our betterment. The Teachers say that our blessing and appreciating the food increases its value and makes it harmonize with us so that it’s better assimilated into our systems.

When we send blessings to others we are expressing our wish that good things happen to them. A “blissing”, however, is a very special type of blessing. It includes the intention that the recipient experience a moment of true bliss, the feeling of being loved and appreciated, and a moment of realization and enlightenment that leads them to express more love and appreciation to others. Surely we all need to feel loved and appreciated, and we would all benefit from certain people and organizations experiencing a moment of enlightenment that leads them to be more loving and compassionate.

When you visit the website, you enter the name of a person or organization to receive a blissing, click the “Send Blissing” button, a light flashes and the cumulative number of blissings sent to the recipient is shown, as well the top ten blissings recipients and their totals. If no recipient is specified, Mother Earth is the default.

The beauty of the website is that, regardless of its simplicity, it is a global portal through which unconditional love is expressed, is demonstrated and grows. As more people use it over and over, humanity approaches that critical mass where love, peace and joy become the status quo.

Now that’s what I call evolution. What do you think?

Seymour Lovejoy