Expanding Your Aura

Here’s a quick tip.

Your aura extends out from your body an amount that varies with your current mindset. It’s been said that Jesus walked on water by expanding his aura (and weight) across the entire surface of the water, so there was less downward force at his feet. I don’t really know about that, but according to the Teachers, you can expand your aura, expanding your energetic influence and awareness by using your imagination, or your “imager” as I like to call it. Imagine (put an image in of) your aura/force field expanding like a balloon as you blow out, as if you are in the center of the balloon, filling it from the inside. Now add to that the concept that it’s not air that you’re blowing out, but light, love and joy. And as your aura expands, everyone in its path of expansion benefits.

A great practice to add to any meditation. You can make it part of your morning alone time. What do you think?

Seymour Lovejoy