School for Angels

What is Earth?  For that matter, what is our “Universe”? It’s a class room.

As has already been stated, we have “The Creator’s” DNA and are creators ourselves. So why don’t most of us seem like angels or gods, for that matter? We’re just kids in kindergarten. We have to go to be trained to use our inherited capabilities.  Grade schools, high schools, colleges, universities and tech schools  teach other things, which are good, but they don’t necessarily know about or teach skills which harmonize with or bring out our divine (beneficial creator) potential. It’s as if you weren’t taught to talk.

That’s why there are specialty schools such as this, a school for angels, a Master’s program, if you will,  to help learn you take your consciousness where it hasn’t been before.

The  intention of Temple Teachers and the Temple Teachings is to make you aware of your divine potential so that you might begin to practice and get down to using your divine creative potential to enhance life, which is, in essence,  the divine intent or divine will.

Seymour Lovejoy