Live Efficiently: Train Your Subconscious

Your subconscious can be your friend or your foe. It’s simple: If you are “at odds with yourself”, it will slow you down. If your subconscious is in tune with your goals, you’ll get to them faster. Conclusion: program your subconscious so that your subconscious assists you on your path.

Your subconscious is your programming, the images of your physical and mental experience up to this point plus the feelings accompanying them. What’s gone in has already gone in, but how you respond to it and the significance you give it can change. You can reprogram your operating system: You version 2.0.

So you have two simultaneous programming activities: adding new features and fixing old bugs. The highest priority bugs to fix are the ones that slow you down the most. Some of those are fear, believing you’re all alone, and believing you can’t do something, or believing that something is impossible.

 Fix the bugs-

Perhaps my favorite response to someone believing something to be impossible is: “How about existence itself?” If you can believe that we and other things exist, which is a pretty strange and fantastic all-pervasive phenomenon, if you ask me, how can you rule out the possibility anything else? As creative beings we surpass our previous assumed limits daily. Once you’ve accepted that anything is possible, you can start to expect and look for open doors and guidance in tune with your goals.

Spending time and consciousness on fear is inefficient with respect to achieving goals, because it focuses on what you don’t want, versus what you do want. What you think is what you get. Karma is designed to help us learn to make choices that benefit ourselves and others. Focusing on something draws it to you, so if you focus on what you don’t want, it gets created so that you can learn to release that fear and learn to not put your attention there again. Put your focus on beneficial things, things that enhance life.

So you think you’re alone? You’re just missing a letter and a space: “all one”. If you invite your guides to participate in enhancing your life and the lives of others, and listen to the thoughts that pop in and watch the happenings around you’ll see clear evidence that there’s more going on behind the scenes on your behalf than you previously realized, and you’ll laugh at how you thought you were alone.

Adding new features

Now that you have a team to assist, make it easy on yourself and the team. If you believe you have to do “a”, “b” and “c” before you get to “d”, you might be overlooking a simpler, “fast track” solution that may be presented to you as your day unwinds. (Watch for it!) However, at a minimum you will have to have the mindset and the skills that “d” requires. You can’t plant an apple seed and expect an orange to sprout, though if you give someone an apple, they might give you an orange. If you want to win a vocal contest like “The Voice”, you have to be able to sing well and be “likeable”, do what it takes to audition, and exceed peoples’ expectations. As you see, though, there’s always personal work, focus time, getting ready to qualify, developing skill, confidence and personal traits that people can resonate with.

So think about it. How can you apply this to you?

Seymour Lovejoy



Where’s your focus?

Based upon what we’ve individually achieved, it seems rather apparent that in order to accomplish anything, a certain amount of focus is required, i.e. time focused upon an activity, cycles of repetition, learning, training the subconscious in the direction of our goal, getting to the point of adeptness where your subconscious takes care of the details and, humorously, not as much conscious focus is required! Like walking.

However as my Tai Chi Teacher, David Cheng, said, “Whenever you do anything, do it with consciousness”. He gave the example, “When you’re driving, just drive.” as opposed to listening to the radio, talking or thinking about something else. Doing things with consciousness is being “the watcher”, watching yourself do what you’re doing, and watching the thoughts that pop in, recognizing thoughts that are guidance, and using that guidance to enhance your activities.

OK, so we have this faculty of awareness that we can focus to accomplish things. What do you want to focus on? What do you want? … As opposed to need. Need is another topic.

If we’re talking about what you want, we’re talking about a value system. What do you value? What is most important and what is less important. Your whole life rotates about what you give importance, and the beauty is that it’s configurable. If we give “spirituality” a high value, then “Divine Will” and being of service to All That Is become a focus. The Teachers say that Divine Will is, simply, that All That Is be enhanced. So as instruments of Divine Will, creative delegates, our job is to enhance our lives and the lives of others, thus enhancing All That Is. It’s doable by anyone and everyone in the moment, and on the big stage we call life.  In fact, if all you do is appreciate and be kind to others, and appreciate life and all it has to offer, you will have added great value to the world.

A values system is the DNA of your life. I suggest that the most efficient and beneficial primary value for one’s lifetime is to enhance life itself — your life and the lives of others, from individual atoms and cells to the whole and beyond. This benefits you and the world. Let that be your primary mission and the primary criterion for your choices and actions. Then create and do things within that structure.

But for efficiency’s sake, take the shortest path to your goals. The Taoists say “Do by not doing”, i.e. use the minimum effort necessary to accomplish the task, or, at an esoteric level, create the environment where it manifests itself. The Evergreens talk about “protocol”, i.e. the necessary steps to accomplish something, and advise us to create a path minimizing those steps, by not assuming you have to go through a, b, and c to get to d, and by not imposing an expectation of difficulty in any of those steps. If you connect with your guides and trust in your moment-to-moment intuitive guidance, you can ride first class on a luxury jet from a to d rather than walk barefoot through the desert. The right doors will open at the right time and you’ll know to walk through. Similarly, the Hindu concept of Advaita Vedanta suggests that by putting your consciousness at the goal, you will be there. All good advice. Take the luxury jet. Be joyful and watch and listen. Make sense?

Seymour Lovejoy