Steps are phases of focus. The term “minutes of focus” has been used by proponents of focus, and often their sales, like “10 minutes of focus a day will create a new you”. I like to use it as a measurement of where you spend your time… as in, “Rate your activities in ‘Minutes Of Focus’, or “MOF’s.”, if you will. It’s a simple way to categorize, quantify or measure what you have experienced, i.e. by accumulated duration. The directions of focus measured in minutes of focus, when placed in order by total, as a report, will be a clear indicator of the personality you have accumulated to the present.

Then, of course, you can choose a new set for the future.

Before I started writing this, I decided to google the term “Minutes of Focus” and found a site for the book “Focus Manifesto” ( that has a Zen approach to a calm, creative lifestyle. It appears to be very clear, as one might expect from thousands of MOFs in Zen practice.

This begins a series of blog entries under the category of “Steps”. These can be steps forward, back, or to the side, mine and those of others, mankind even, factual or conceptual. I hesitate to label anything as a step forward or backward, proffering an opinion, as it were, but generally I would consider peaceful creative living, love and compassion as forward, and warring, hateful injurious activities as backward. But, hey, the world is unlimited in expression, and, of course, there’s the old saying “10 million idiots can’t be wrong”. I would hesitate to call anyone an idiot (unless,  perhaps it’s referencing a clinical condition) because even an idiot, has a large number of MOF’s in some category and could be considered highly experienced and very knowledgeable in that category, all things being equal. And we’ve all been “idiots” and we still dabble in “idiocy” on occasion. Right?

Seymour Lovejoy