As I was passing by the kitchen desk the other day, an 8’5 x 11 sheet of paper fell on the floor. The title was “Affirmations to Stay Connected to Universal Energy”. It looked like something I copied from somewhere to post on the wall. Interestingly, the paper it was printed on was paper stock I used 30 years ago. We’ve lived in the house 30 years. Anyway, I asked my wife if this was posted somewhere and I didn’t see it.  She said she didn’t recognize it! Hmmm….

Who knows where it’s been, but it’s interesting that it’s relevant now… and just after I’ve started a new practice to connect and consciously work with my team of guides.  Hmmm…

See below.

Coincidentally, I have several recordings of the Evergreens (Silverthistle was one of them) on my phone, one of which is about connecting with your guides and inner self and it has come up in the playlist more times that I would expect over the last month. The other day I noticed that the player had been accidentally set to Random, as opposed to the “usual” order… It’s interesting that Random would repeat that recording so many times.  Hmmm….

Hope you have a day full of wonder. Hmmm…

Seymour Lovejoy


Affirmations to Stay Connected To Universal Energy

I am increasing my awareness of energy.
I have a strong internal connection to my higher self.
My best decisions are made when I am connected to my inner wisdom.
Once I have made a decision, I follow through with appropriate action.
I take time to reflect on important decisions.
I trust that my process is taking me to a higher level of living.


Enhancement is Advancement

Generally, we think of advancement or progress in terms of mankind. However, The Entirety (All That Is) is inseparable from mankind, and we know what ecology tells us, how the Earth is affected by the things we do. Technological progress may not be progress for the ecological whole.

So what is true progress? What makes things better all around? Not just inventions – invent-ing. Creative enhancement on all levels: physical, mental, emotional for the benefit of others and the Earth. Be inventive. Find new ways to enhance your life and the lives of others moment to moment. Look for beneficial options in the moment, then act.

Do you realize that demonstrating love or joy is an enhancement to All That Is? (And it’s free and available now!) When you feel loved or joyful it enhances your life, and others around you benefit from it. Pass it on.

Mental and emotional ecology advance physical ecology.

Light, Love & Joy,

Seymour Lovejoy