Get the Most Out of Life

So what does that mean? For me it means “Optimize your choices moment to moment.” But how do you do that?

According to the Evergreens, if you establish a connection with your inner self and your guides so that you recognize their guidance, they will make suggestions pointing you in the direction which you and they established for this embodiment/“lifetime” prior to making your appearance. Their guidance is happening all the time, but primarily on a subconscious level. So how can you make it more conscious?  Give it conscious focus.

Observe your feelings and thoughts. How do you recognize their guidance? First of all, know they won’t push, they will just suggest, not necessarily with words, though.  Get familiar with your feelings and the feelings you get from others. The first connection is with feelings, then, when you’re more familiar with your feelings, feelings can develop to ideas, which, as you trust more, are optimal moment-to-moment guidance.

A suggested exercise was given with the indication that 33 consecutive days would bring noticeable results.

Lying in bed just before sleep, imagine a face of someone looking down at you with a smile, and bid them adieu until next time. If they’re not smiling, find something within yourself that makes them smile, then bid them adieu. This concretizes your emotional connection.

And that’s just the beginning.

Are you willing to get started and keep it up for 33 days? I know you can.

Seymour Lovejoy