Your Conversation with The Universe

Everything you experience, from your waking life, dreams, and other states of consciousness, is “the Universe” talking to you.  Your response in moment  to moment choices, conscious or otherwise, is you talking to “the Universe”.

A simple statement, perhaps, but within it are some very profitable concepts.

What do I mean by “The Universe”?  In this case, I mean “All That Is”. I could say “God”, but I would mean “All That Is”. What if what you’re experiencing is unpleasant or painful?   You would then have to examine the choices you made to be at that place and that time. Then use that as a lesson. Make choices which allow you to express a more enhanced version of yourself. Make changes in yourself. That is you responding to “The Universe”.

Mental and emotional experiences are as real as physical experiences, and mental and emotional choices are as significant as physical choices. You can take advantage of this by using your imagination, your creation slate,  to experience things more in line with a more enhanced version of yourself, whatever you decide that to be. Bottom line, focus your consciousness where you want it to be. Add focus time (chosen experience) where you want to learn and grow.

Take/make 2 experiences and call me in the morning.  🙂

Seymour Lovejoy