Decree vs Declare

Words have power. They direct consciousness. Most people are familiar with affirmations as a well-accepted means of positive personal change. Generally, they are spoken sentences of a format “I am…” followed by something positive, or they can be just a positive statement of the way things are or will be. By focusing your consciousness on a positive idea, its image and the feeling of its presence you give it substance in your life. And if you create and sustain the appropriate environment for it, the seed which you have just planted will come to fruition.

Consider these definitions:
To Declare is to state a fact, to acknowledge something created/existent.

To Decree is to create something well-defined, like a personal law that will govern one’s actions and thoughts, and to acknowledge the concreteness of the creation by acting in accordance with its present reality, whether yet visible to the eyes or not.

Affirmations are declarations. And use of “I am” is wielding the primary law of creation. A good reason to use it for self-enhancement, versus self-denigration.

A decree is an action taken explicitly for change. It is self-designated law for your personal world. It is from the perspective of a creator. You accept the creation’s existence like you accept gravity. “Done Deal.”

So, then. What to do with this information?

Declarations/Affirmations? Be careful with the use of “I am”, but find some good ones and go ahead.

A Decree, however, requires careful crafting and is not to be taken lightly because it involves more of a commitment and its effect can be more far-reaching. Use with mindfulness and caution.

Whatever you do, do it in love and joy.

Seymour Lovejoy