The Purpose of Life

This morning I was reading snippets from The Gentle Book of Practical Living, compiled from readings from the Evergreens.  I came upon this entry “On the Purpose of Life”:


The purpose of life is to learn, and share learning with others. The purpose of life when you are thirsty is to drink; when you are hungry, to eat; when you are tired, to sleep. Whenever there is one who has fallen, to raise, that when you are fallen, to lift your hand so that another may extend theirs and lift you.
The purpose of life is to work so that there is manipulation of the world, not the world that it would manipulate you. The purpose of life is to experience the experiencing of experience.


One could take the perspective that “The Purpose of Life” is pretty close to what is called “God’s will”.  By simple observation we see the present, and the future resulting from it, as a result of our choices based upon our beliefs.  It is of the nature of life to radiate and morph, and for us to create our individual and group presents and futures.   My favorite definition of “Gods Will” is that All That Is be enhanced, that things get better. The world is enhanced when we enhance ourselves, learn more, become more skilled, become more imaginative, more creative, more joyful, more helpful, more appreciative, more loving.  Every moment can be enhanced in multiple ways, even a smile, or an inner chortle.


Ask yourself, “What can I enhance now? How can I improve my life and the lives of others?” You’ll find that the answer is always presented to you, sometimes instantly.  Then take action, plant and nurture the seed to its fruition in its optimal environment.  Then do it again and again and again into the future. Small enhancements are as important and part of human success as large enhancements, because the intention is to enhance without regard to size.

Go for it!

Seymour Lovejoy