A Wise Choice

What is a wise choice? Simple question, simple answer. A wise choice is one that is profitable and the wisest choice is one that is most profitable. So what do I mean by profitable? A Taoist teacher I was privileged to study with said that the Chinese saying “Wei Wu Wei” translates to “Do nothing, yet nothing is left undone.” What it means is, “Take the shortest or most efficient path where everything intended is accomplished with minimum effort/resistance.” So what is that most efficient path and how do you get there?

That takes a little overview and examination of the possible paths, but surely, regardless of the path, if you want to get from A to B, it would be preferable to have green lights all the way.

What gives you green lights? Qualification, protocol and timing. It helps to be qualified so that you get through the guarded doors along the way. To pass smoothly and quickly, you have to be in harmony with the conditions and people at each door and follow protocol. Though a cat could qualify for a cat show, it does not qualify for “The Voice” or “American Idol”, nor does a person who cannot sing. The winners of those shows are able to distinguish between notes and, generally, have been singing for years, and they conduct themselves in a manner that meets protocol. They have put their focus on their hearing and their voice sufficiently to have control and to create specific sounds at will, and to evoke feelings. This is their qualification. Secondly, they went to the right place (the audition) at the right time and, thirdly, they acted appropriately. You need both a viable seed and the right environmental conditions for the seed to sprout and bear fruit.

So, for the wisest, most profitable choices,
1) know where you intend to go,
2) focus enough to learn what you need to learn to pass through all the doors,
3) including what it’s like to live in harmony beyond each door, so all your transitions are smooth.
4) And be at the door when it is open.

This will minimize the time it takes to reach your goal, because the obstacles are minimized.

So, did you profit from this article? Must have been a wise choice.

Light, Love & Joy,

Jnana Sivananda