A Big Blob Of Consciousness

Once upon a time, there was this big gray amorphous blob of clay in an otherwise empty universe. One night, a fairy happened to fly by that universe, sprinkled some pixie dust on it and the blob came to life, and had consciousness of itself. Arbitrarily, let’s call this consciousness, “Izzy”. Izzy realized she was experiencing configurations of light in multiple colors and varying sizes and shapes. She found she could change her shape at will and, somewhat like a chameleon, she could make any portion of herself any size, shape, color that she wished, and she would see whatever changes she made, and anything envisioned was realistic, like creating her own 3-D movie from her own essence or, Ala Star Trek, a “Holo-deck”. What Izzy experienced was under the control of Izzy’s consciousness.

She made certain configurations functional, and seemingly independent. They were all still of the same consciousness substance, but the various functionalities created imaginary boundaries… More later.