It’s Just Too Easy To Think You’re Right

“I could be totally wrong, but I’m a… dancin’ fool”.
-Frank Zappa

Last night, a friend and I were texting on the subject of differing viewpoints.  I suggested that it’s just too easy to think you’re right. This morning, cogitating on “It’s just too easy to think you’re right”, I concluded that a corollary is “It’s too easy to be fooled.”, whether you’re interpreting reality yourself, or someone is intentionally fooling you or they actually believe something contrary to reality, and you take their word for it.  Now this, of course, depends on the belief that there is a non-relative definition of reality, which, due to human nature, and the constancy of change in the universe, seems not to be in the cards.  As soon as it’s clear that something is true, either science or someone who tells a good story, presents an interpretation of “what is” that seems to make sense to a large number of people; and “making sense” can depend on who will give you food or shelter or something that you think will make you feel better than you feel now.  Also, science is dependent on the availability of current statistics, for the most part, and their interpretation, i.e. another story, and the acceptance of an authority.  What a twisted web!

Some factions of “Christians” believe that The Bible is that port in the storm, something you can depend on for a reference to the truth or viability. There are both literal interpretations and looser guidebook interpretations. I guess you could call them “conservative” and “liberal.”

Then again, other religions have their own book with it’s own literal and guidebook interpretations, and The Books when compared may have some agreement but also fundamental differences due to what was evident to the writers at the time of the writing.

So everyone has a detailed definition of what they think reality is, based upon their pain vs. pleasure choices since birth and their interpretation of their experience up to the current moment. I call it their “personal dictionary”. 

For the same reason that, per science, no two people have the same fingerprint (creation’s constant production of variety), no two people have the same interpretation of an experience, because interpretation is based upon one’s continuously morphing personal dictionary, which determines viable choices based upon categories (labels) self-assigned to experiences.

“Can’t we all just get along?” -Rodney King

So let’s see if it’s possible that the universe and all people in it can agree on a small set of principles.
If such a set of principles could exist, it would have to have an accepted morphing component allowing it to be in harmony with the morphing functionality inherent in the universe on all levels, a “Morphable Good Book”, so-to-speak.  Here we go again…

Good luck with that.  It’s not a solution. It doesn’t remove the interpretation relativity factor whereby two people sitting next to each other in the same room can have very different experiences if a third person walks through the room — the total of physical and mental reaction experiences.

What if there were some experience/happening that made all the illusions disappear, for everyone simultaneously?  Consider this scenario:
Suppose that all of a sudden, by natural progression of the cosmos, a fundamental frequency shifts and a level of awareness of a broader spectrum is reached, a “veil is lifted” and everyone “tunes into the same channel”, and a consistent reality and value system is evident to all.  In such an environment, there would be no deception.   No one could lie because the truth is obvious to all.  The change would be more dramatic than from black and white to color photography. Not that there wouldn’t be creativity, but the primary interpretation for all things would be clear. In short, it’s what is called the “Age of Aquarius”.  I’m rooting for that.  It could be that the transition is gradual — maybe a critical mass thing, but we may be closer to that than we think. How definite is that!

Some people think that in order for this condition to be experienced that one needs to have left their relative earth body. Not necessarily. One does need to move one’s focus from earth 3D time-space relativity to actual unbounded possibility in the now. One’s mind is unlimited. A body need not slow you down. Mentally, you make choices in a multidimensional creative environment, an on-the-fly “Holo-deck”. Purposeful “dreaming” if you will. This dreaming is on-the-fly creation of the next moment by defining direction and choosing to go in that direction.
Ah, there’s the rub. Choosing to morph for the better vs. choosing to not change.

Let’s all choose to morph for the better individually. I guess you have to think about what “better” means for you, long-term and short-term, allowing unexpected possibilities to present themselves.

Let others know you appreciate them, and act accordingly. Feel appreciative of your chance to better your life and the lives of others.
I appreciate you because we’re the same, choosing moment to moment, relying on what we’ve experienced to make our choice.
But if we’re going to agree on something, perhaps we can prioritize appreciation, and expressing appreciation.

Am I right? 🙂