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On Angels and Archangels

One thing you’re guaranteed with the Temple Teachings, new interpretations of words. In some cases it’s because the English language is lacking in words to fully express multi-dimensional concepts.

Consider The Teachers’ definitions of angels and archangels. The Teachers tell us that an archangel is a natural power already within us which we can turn on and wield through intention and invocation, and that an angel is a deliverer of that power. An angel can take any form to accomplish the assigned task.

“An archangel is like electricity, an angel is like a lamp and light is the accomplished mission of the angel.” (Session #123 – August 13, 1989)

What are the powers the archangels represent? The fundamental attributes of the laws of this universe and cosmos.

1) Existence and Ability, governed by the Law of I AM. Archangel: Khamael (KAH-MAY-EL)

2) Creativity and Persistence, governed by the Law of I WILL. Archangel: Gabriel (GAH-BREE-EL)

3) Wisdom, governed by the Law of Ideation. Archangel: Ratziel (RAT-ZEE-EL)

4) Beauty, governed by the Law of Process. Archangel: Rafael (RAH-FAH-EL)

5) Mercy, Love and Compassion, governed by the Law of Reproduction. Archangel: Tzadkiel (TZAD-KEE-EL)

6) Knowledge, governed by the Law of Harmony. Archangel: Sandalphon (SAHN-DAHL-FONE)

7) Understanding, governed by the Law of Illusion. Archangel: Tzaphkiel (TZOFF-KEE-EL)

8) Feeling and Desire, governed by the Law of Dominance. Archangel: Michael (MICK-KAY-EL)

9) Mastery, governed by the Law of Relinquishment. Archangel: Haniel (HAH-NEE-EL)

We are told to invoke in triplets, contemplating the attributes: 3 Khamael, 3 Gabriel, then 3 of one of the other archangels, taking a full breath to pronounce each name each time. The sounds of the names resonate with and enable the corresponding attribute.

Want to experience and embody the attributes? Tune in by invoking the archangels.

Seymour Lovejoy