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Your Super Powers – Tzadkiel

Remember, the Archangels are actually powers within you, activated by invocation and intention, which assist you in creating your world, enhancing it and moving on to the next creation.

These super powers allow you to create in multiple realms in this universe.

Again, the formula is:

The Archangel invokes the power of the law, working with the principle, to produce the attribute.

Tzadkiel, pronounced TZ-ADD-KEE-EL, invokes the power of the Law of Reproduction, working with the principle of Cohesion, producing Mercy, Love and Compassion. Tzadkiel means “To know by intuition”.

Traditional Invocation: Tzadkiel, Tzadkiel, Tzadkiel. Mercy, Love & Compassion are infinitely reproduced.

Discussion: Teacher Sheariam said “Reproduction” here means more than procreation. It means that everything repeats itself and everything that is produced has the nature of and is linked to its producer. Through the intuitive faculties, you are forever intrinsically linked with that which created you. Every thing that you create is linked with you in the same way. But you have no more control over that which you create than your own creator has over you. This is why each idea initiated must be pure, for it will reproduce itself limitlessly. But it will never lose contact with that which originally created it.

An idea is simply a new arrangement of the components. This is the miracle-working agent. So long as you believe in things the way they now exist, so long as you accept things as they now exist, so long as your courage fails in creating the new, so long as you fail to practice patience, you will remain without miracles.

By the Law of Reproduction, impatience breeds impatience. You get in your own way. Fear breeds more fear. This is what is meant by becoming attuned, by getting in the flow, by thinking right thoughts, for your thoughts reproduce and hang together and cling to you. The positive Attribute is Mercy and Love. When your thoughts, your deeds and actions are clothed in Mercy and Love, you will be healthy, happy, and prosperous, for you could be no other way.

My favorite invocation for Tzadkiel is: With Tzadkiel I joyfully declare, “Every thought is loving and creates what I want.

Discussion: This invocation format states the intention of the invocation prior to the invocation and affirms an attitude of joy. Joy is a necessary component of the enthusiasm that is part of the fuel of creation.

If my every thought is loving, my world will be full of love and everyone benefits. Reproduce that!

Love is simply joyful acceptance and joyful giving, you need both. It’s all additive, nothing is lost. What you put out stays and grows. Any new places you can start appreciating and giving? It all helps.

Seymour Lovejoy

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Enhance Life Right Now

Every moment provides the opportunity for appreciation and enhancement, and appreciation enhances any moment.

The Temple Teachers tell us that the purpose of each one of us is to enhance our individual lives, thereby enhancing humanity as a whole.

How can you enhance your life right where you are, here and now? It’s as easy as a smile and a thought.  Think of someone you love and appreciate, and then feel that appreciation for a moment.  Did you feel good? Did you just enhance your life? Did you just add more love to the world? Yes you did!

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone consciously chose to spend time expressing love and appreciation on a regular basis.

How would that change life on the planet?

Seymour Lovejoy

Seymour Lovejoy