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Point B

The general connotation of the phrase “getting from Point A to Point B” makes an assumption, that A and B are separate, with some “distance” in between, which one must navigate in some way, and experience the travel in some way. Realize, of course, that this perspective is a dual perspective promoted and accepted in a society that accepts duality as its modus operandi.

Our modern society, as a whole, doesn’t know much about a non-dual perspective named Advaita in Sanskrit, and part of Hindu tradition. Literally, A-dvaita, it means “not two”, i.e. a non-dual or monistic interpretation that can co-exist with the dual perspective – two ways to see and deal with the same thing.  Advaita advises that the most efficient way to get from Point A to Point B is to put your consciousness on Point B as a reality. Imagine what it’s like to be at Point B, the feelings, the sights, the sounds, the smells, and all that Point B presents. In that process of putting your focus on these experiences and feelings, you have given them substance.  You have created the components of Point B as you know they are.  Even if your eyes currently show you a “real” Point A, Point B’s blueprint has, in reality, been established with you in it.

The important thing is to accept it as a reality now and be thankful for it and not imagine any particular process for getting from Point A to Point B, because as soon as you think about having to do a particular sequence of things to get there, you’re ruling out other possibilities and means of Real-izing your presence at Point B, and you’re adding unnecessary time and experience to the process. If you think you have to swim the river, you may not see the speed boat offering you a ride.

In non-physical realms, such as what is called The Astral Realm, the world experienced in dreams, creation’s manifestation is immediate reality in one’s consciousness. If you think about Hawaii, your conscious is immediately there. You have switched to the Hawaii channel at will. Not controlling one’s thoughts results in tossing oneself around the universe, willy-nilly.

Now take this concept into the physical realm. If you fully accept the reality of the blueprint, and a conscious life not limited by time, and you do what the Point B version of you would do, Point A will fade and you’ll find yourself at Point B, with little or no effort expended.  It’s always good to cultivate and fertilize the soil and appropriately water where you plant a seed. Then the conditions will be right for the plant to flourish. If you want an audience with the Queen, get the clothes to be dressed appropriately.

So that’s the Point, Be.

Seymour Lovejoy



Your Bodies

There’s a lot of occult literature out there about our various bodies being in layers or like sheaths: Soul Body, Vital Body Emotional Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body, Astral Body, Physical Body. The Teachers indicate that the layer “model” or conceptualization is somewhat misleading. “While they are generated from the inward to the outward by the ego, they are not as separate as the layers of onion skins. They are more interpenetrated.” (Saturday Session #8)

So what is a body, really? It’s a composite of capabilities.

The physical body is composed of groups of cells specialized in function giving the various capabilities of our body parts, among them the ability to experience, navigate and act in the physical realm. Similarly, the mental and emotional bodies are capabilities to experience, navigate and act in the mental and emotional realms which, like the physical realm, all humans create together and share.

What are soul bodies? Soul capabilities have to do with generating “egos” to fulfill missions working out the ramifications of the Laws. “Egos” are teams of “personalities” to do the work of enhancing the universe. The Teachers say that we, as personalities, don’t have souls, souls have us and we work on their missions to fulfill the 12 Soul Intentions (big subject).

So what’s the inner core holding these bodies together? The Teachers use the word “rod” to describe that unit of individuality at the center of us. It has been compared to our DNA. The well-known phrases “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” and “Spare the rod and spoil the child” show a common interpretation: The rod is used to help guide us along our appropriate path. In this instance, the rod defines or contains our capabilities and our uniqueness and regulates form.

So, how can you use this information? It doesn’t have to be complex. If you enhance your life moment by moment with love, joy and creative benefit to the world, you’re “good to go”.

Seymour Lovejoy