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Creation and Interpretation

Creation and Interpretation. These are two primary functionalities of what is called “the mind”. For the purpose of this article we examine only those two functionalities.

The Temple Teachers called them the “Twin Minds: The Creative Mind and The Perceiving Mind”.

The Teachers also talked about Consciousness and Volition, which, interestingly, come down to about the same thing: Consciousness relating to the Perceiving Mind, and Volition, the ability to use what you know to change/enhance your environment, relating to the Creative Mind.

So there is a constant Yin/Yang of

1) perceiving something and interpreting it and,

2) to the extent you have the interest, opportunity and ability to act, you make a change by creating something. For one thing, a focus is created, an interpretation of value to the focus, and you give this creation a supply of significance and sustainability. It may be simpler to say that you interpret it good or bad, give it a degree of good/bad, name it, focus on it, define it, then do what you have to do to manifest it. If it suits enough of your fancy, the creation reaches significance sufficient to be visible (in physical) to self and others.

“OK…”, you may say, “what does this mean to me right now?” Does seeing this motivate me to focus any energy somewhere and enhance life as I know it?”

As humans, we have a relatively high ratio of volition to consciousness, i.e. the ability to use the knowledge we have to do something to enhance life. The Teachers talk about creation being “conduction” of life force, creating the present moment by moment in the direction of our choice, almost like spraying a hose of life force, if you will.

What is “Spiritual”?

People often think that being spiritual requires some extraordinary activity or some prescribed activity, when it’s not really the activity, it’s more about your consciousness, not just while you’re doing something, but even if you’re “doing nothing”. You can be sitting in your chair in front of the TV set or you can be on a missionary trip in Africa. The secret is your perspective, not just “the way things are”, but the way they can be, the way you use your thought.

Creation expands as things are produced and differentiate. The totality of Creation, including both pure potential and potential manifest, is constantly expanding as things happen. The accumulation of what has happened, what has been created, is growing moment by moment.  Part of that creation is the mental climate/environment of mankind, the combination of all thoughts of mankind.  We contribute to that climate/environment with each thought. With that in mind, the more you love, the more love there is “in the world”, and you don’t need to be in any particular place or be doing do any particular thing to think a loving thought.

Simply, “spiritual” progress is choosing to enhance or make something “better”, to add value to what is.  One of the beauties of Hindu perspectives is seeing or being reminded of God all day long, because every type of thing, culturally, relates to some aspect of God. So there can be a spiritual significance to any experience. This perspective enhances an ordinary experience.

Take, for instance, washing the dishes. Let’s put it in a context.  Are you doing it because it’s a chore and you “have to”, or is it because having clean dishes and a clean kitchen enhances your life and that of your family.  It can be an act of love. You can enhance it further by being joyful, being at peace, and sending blessings.

So to make your life more spiritual, enhance the mental environment. Put the otherwise ordinary things you do in a spiritual context. Look at them in a different way. Do them for love.  Love as you do them.  Laugh. Be joyful. Appreciate those who have helped you. Appreciate what you have learned from each experience. Be aware. Step outside yourself. Observe yourself doing what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, what you’re thinking. Watch for insights.

It enhances your life, doesn’t it?

-Seymour Lovejoy


Point B

The general connotation of the phrase “getting from Point A to Point B” makes an assumption, that A and B are separate, with some “distance” in between, which one must navigate in some way, and experience the travel in some way. Realize, of course, that this perspective is a dual perspective promoted and accepted in a society that accepts duality as its modus operandi.

Our modern society, as a whole, doesn’t know much about a non-dual perspective named Advaita in Sanskrit, and part of Hindu tradition. Literally, A-dvaita, it means “not two”, i.e. a non-dual or monistic interpretation that can co-exist with the dual perspective – two ways to see and deal with the same thing.  Advaita advises that the most efficient way to get from Point A to Point B is to put your consciousness on Point B as a reality. Imagine what it’s like to be at Point B, the feelings, the sights, the sounds, the smells, and all that Point B presents. In that process of putting your focus on these experiences and feelings, you have given them substance.  You have created the components of Point B as you know they are.  Even if your eyes currently show you a “real” Point A, Point B’s blueprint has, in reality, been established with you in it.

The important thing is to accept it as a reality now and be thankful for it and not imagine any particular process for getting from Point A to Point B, because as soon as you think about having to do a particular sequence of things to get there, you’re ruling out other possibilities and means of Real-izing your presence at Point B, and you’re adding unnecessary time and experience to the process. If you think you have to swim the river, you may not see the speed boat offering you a ride.

In non-physical realms, such as what is called The Astral Realm, the world experienced in dreams, creation’s manifestation is immediate reality in one’s consciousness. If you think about Hawaii, your conscious is immediately there. You have switched to the Hawaii channel at will. Not controlling one’s thoughts results in tossing oneself around the universe, willy-nilly.

Now take this concept into the physical realm. If you fully accept the reality of the blueprint, and a conscious life not limited by time, and you do what the Point B version of you would do, Point A will fade and you’ll find yourself at Point B, with little or no effort expended.  It’s always good to cultivate and fertilize the soil and appropriately water where you plant a seed. Then the conditions will be right for the plant to flourish. If you want an audience with the Queen, get the clothes to be dressed appropriately.

So that’s the Point, Be.

Seymour Lovejoy



Live Efficiently: Train Your Subconscious

Your subconscious can be your friend or your foe. It’s simple: If you are “at odds with yourself”, it will slow you down. If your subconscious is in tune with your goals, you’ll get to them faster. Conclusion: program your subconscious so that your subconscious assists you on your path.

Your subconscious is your programming, the images of your physical and mental experience up to this point plus the feelings accompanying them. What’s gone in has already gone in, but how you respond to it and the significance you give it can change. You can reprogram your operating system: You version 2.0.

So you have two simultaneous programming activities: adding new features and fixing old bugs. The highest priority bugs to fix are the ones that slow you down the most. Some of those are fear, believing you’re all alone, and believing you can’t do something, or believing that something is impossible.

 Fix the bugs-

Perhaps my favorite response to someone believing something to be impossible is: “How about existence itself?” If you can believe that we and other things exist, which is a pretty strange and fantastic all-pervasive phenomenon, if you ask me, how can you rule out the possibility anything else? As creative beings we surpass our previous assumed limits daily. Once you’ve accepted that anything is possible, you can start to expect and look for open doors and guidance in tune with your goals.

Spending time and consciousness on fear is inefficient with respect to achieving goals, because it focuses on what you don’t want, versus what you do want. What you think is what you get. Karma is designed to help us learn to make choices that benefit ourselves and others. Focusing on something draws it to you, so if you focus on what you don’t want, it gets created so that you can learn to release that fear and learn to not put your attention there again. Put your focus on beneficial things, things that enhance life.

So you think you’re alone? You’re just missing a letter and a space: “all one”. If you invite your guides to participate in enhancing your life and the lives of others, and listen to the thoughts that pop in and watch the happenings around you’ll see clear evidence that there’s more going on behind the scenes on your behalf than you previously realized, and you’ll laugh at how you thought you were alone.

Adding new features

Now that you have a team to assist, make it easy on yourself and the team. If you believe you have to do “a”, “b” and “c” before you get to “d”, you might be overlooking a simpler, “fast track” solution that may be presented to you as your day unwinds. (Watch for it!) However, at a minimum you will have to have the mindset and the skills that “d” requires. You can’t plant an apple seed and expect an orange to sprout, though if you give someone an apple, they might give you an orange. If you want to win a vocal contest like “The Voice”, you have to be able to sing well and be “likeable”, do what it takes to audition, and exceed peoples’ expectations. As you see, though, there’s always personal work, focus time, getting ready to qualify, developing skill, confidence and personal traits that people can resonate with.

So think about it. How can you apply this to you?

Seymour Lovejoy



Exercise in Creation #237

Here’s an exercise and an act of creation:

Take about 2 minutes in a quiet place. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and imagine feeling a hug so wonderful, so completing that it makes up for all the hugs you‘ve ever wanted and not received. Bask in that feeling.

Do the exercise as many times as it takes to remember and feel the feeling at will.

Seymour Lovejoy


The Cyclic Phases of Creation


Chart Courtesy of Owen Cramer.

What the Teachers call the “Wheel of Karma” or “Karmic Wheel” is a much larger concept than the “Wheel of Karma” that’s spoken about in philosophical literature. In common parlance the “Wheel of Karma”, like the Sanskrit word “samsara”, refers to being tied to a reincarnational cycle of births and deaths until one has “paid one’s dues”, so to speak.

What the Teachers call the “Karmic Wheel” might be more understandably termed the “Cyclic Phases of Creation”.

There are 12 phases, the first 6 of which comprise “involution”, and the second 6, “evolution”. That is to say, first things take shape, then they become specialized and complexified to the extent that they have a new function, and, perhaps a new appearance, and the twelve phases begin again at a new level. And, as they say, “Your mileage may vary”. The time spent in any of the phases depends upon awareness and action required to move to the next phase.

The teachers indicated that this applies at both a microscopic and cellular level in the development of an organism and at a human level where we develop as a person and take our consciousness to higher levels.

As you can probably tell, this overview is just the tip of the iceberg on the subject. And, as I have alluded to before, the Teachers have their own definitions to all these words, and I will address them in future blog entries, under the category “Karmic Wheel”. Of, course, if you can’t wait, you can go to

http://templeteachings.com/Search.aspx , enter Karmic Wheel and read to your heart’s content.  🙂

Seymour Lovejoy


Your Super Powers – Khamael

If you read the post On Angels and Archangels, you learned that archangels don’t have wings. In fact, Archangels are our own Super Powers, part of our nature as humans, and they are activated by our intention and invocation.

These super powers allow you to create in multiple realms in this universe.

Here’s the formula:

The Archangel invokes the power of the law, working with the principle, to produce the attribute.

Khamael, pronounced KAH-MAY-EL, invokes the power of the Law of I AM, working with the principle of Divine Fire, producing Disciplined Forcefulness.

Traditional Invocation: Khamael, Khamael, Khamael. I AM Disciplined Forcefulness of the Absolute.

Discussion: The Absolute, in and of itself, is an all-inclusive whole beingness, including undisciplined forcefulness, i.e. pure unapplied potential with no distinction or recognizable characteristic, and disciplined forcefulness, i.e. creative ability, ability to discipline creative force to produce a recognizable result.

My favorite: With Khamael I joyfully declare, “I AM and I can.” Khamael, Khamael, Khamael.

Discussion: This format states the intention of the invocation prior to the invocation. Secondly, it affirms the attitude of joy versus the soberness that often accompanies ritual. It also describes a state of self awareness and pure potential. When you say “I”, remember that the “I” is not the small you. It’s the creator in you. “I am” and “I Will” are Cosmic Laws, which basically means that they are more fundamental, higher in the hierarchy of forces. Without these two, nothing would exist and nothing would happen. They are like axioms, underlying agreements that are the basis thought. First of all, something has to exist for anything to make sense, right? Secondly if there were no possibility of anything happening, how would you explain all this?

We could allude to the two aspects of Siva/All That Is/Divinity and say that 1) “I am” is the passive or transcendent aspect and 2) “I can” is the active or manifest aspect, because it suggests something other than pure potential, i.e. I can do what? The Temple Teachers call it “The Omega Point” and my Guru called it the “Pinnacle of Creation”.

Because we are all divine, we are all creators, at a new pinnacle of creation each moment, and beyond each point is manifestation in its entirety, potential and becomingness, simultaneously in every direction. It reminds me of those fireworks that send out multiple lights and those lights send out multiple lights, or a tree.

So, bottom line, “Khamael” resonates with the power to exist, volition in general, and the potential to create. It’s the 1st switch that has to be flipped. Ready to go?

Seymour Lovejoy

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