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The Purpose of Life

This morning I was reading snippets from The Gentle Book of Practical Living, compiled from readings from the Evergreens.  I came upon this entry “On the Purpose of Life”:


The purpose of life is to learn, and share learning with others. The purpose of life when you are thirsty is to drink; when you are hungry, to eat; when you are tired, to sleep. Whenever there is one who has fallen, to raise, that when you are fallen, to lift your hand so that another may extend theirs and lift you.
The purpose of life is to work so that there is manipulation of the world, not the world that it would manipulate you. The purpose of life is to experience the experiencing of experience.


One could take the perspective that “The Purpose of Life” is pretty close to what is called “God’s will”.  By simple observation we see the present, and the future resulting from it, as a result of our choices based upon our beliefs.  It is of the nature of life to radiate and morph, and for us to create our individual and group presents and futures.   My favorite definition of “Gods Will” is that All That Is be enhanced, that things get better. The world is enhanced when we enhance ourselves, learn more, become more skilled, become more imaginative, more creative, more joyful, more helpful, more appreciative, more loving.  Every moment can be enhanced in multiple ways, even a smile, or an inner chortle.


Ask yourself, “What can I enhance now? How can I improve my life and the lives of others?” You’ll find that the answer is always presented to you, sometimes instantly.  Then take action, plant and nurture the seed to its fruition in its optimal environment.  Then do it again and again and again into the future. Small enhancements are as important and part of human success as large enhancements, because the intention is to enhance without regard to size.

Go for it!

Seymour Lovejoy


The Most Significant Things I’ve Learned

There are lots of “The Most Important Things I’ve Learned” articles out and about.  I’m taking a slightly different approach. The “most significant things”, as I define them, have a built in focus and direction toward human effectiveness. That is to say, they can serve as tools to make you more effective and get you to your goal sooner in an enhanced state. They can make life better by releasing your talents, the functionalities you have built within you, many of which are “gathering dust” but fully available.

One of these “most significant things” is that our nature is that of a creator.  As creations ourselves, we have the DNA of the creator, which includes the functionalities of awareness and the ability to create. We each experience things and use our mind, body and emotions to do things. We create our present, which is the seed or foundation of our future, by choosing, ideally, to enhance the world, to benefit ourselves and others, which is the essence of “God’s Will”.

Another significant thing is that every “thing” can be seen to be a composite of functionalities.  For instance, the physical body has multiple organs and special-purpose cells with singular functionalities.  Similarly, Huna (see Huna – the Secret), describes tools in our human tool belt for crafting an ideal life and supporting a positive and progressing evolution.  Our subconscious mind has full and direct access to our superconscious faculties, making all information available and any situation producible. That being said, two questions arise:

1) what are the “programs” (memories, attitudes, definitions, categorizations, beliefs, expectations) that are currently stored in our subconscious minds being sent to the creative faculties to produce and reproduce? And

2) what is an effective, efficient way to change the programs that drive the created output, namely, what we experience?

The answer to the first question is highly individual and requires self-examination, observation and analysis. To make this an efficient process, it behooves one to request and expect guidance, and learn to observe and listen to one’s thoughts. The ones that are not reactions may just well be your inner guidance.

As for the methodology, during your daily quiet time, pick a belief, categorization, attitude or expectation that that you have adopted. Is it still appropriate, sensible, loving and beneficial? If not, tell your subconscious mind that this is no longer appropriate and give it a positive, loving alternative to pass on to one’s creative faculty to create and out-picture. That’s it in a nutshell, but of course, since the subconscious loves to repeat things, you will have to be persistent and understanding.

Ready? Go.

-Seymour Lovejoy


Your Super Powers – Gabriel

As you read in Your Super Powers – Khamael, the Archangels are actually powers within you, activated by invocation and intention, which assist you in creating your world, enhancing it and moving on to the next creation.

These super powers allow you to create in multiple realms in this universe.

Again, the formula is:

The Archangel invokes the power of the law, working with the principle, to produce the attribute.

Gabriel, pronounced GAH-BREE-EL, invokes the power of the Law of I Will, working with the principle of Radiant Energy and Truth, producing Eternality.

Traditional Invocation: Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. I Will Divine Will.

Discussion: Remember, any statement using the word “I” refers to “The Creator”, the awarer within, not that personality that you were taught was “you”. With this invocation you are declaring your resonance with all power. It’s in your spiritual DNA, i.e. characteristics inherited from our Creator. As Jesus said, “My Father and I are one.”

So what is Divine Will? It’s very simple. According to The Teachers, the Divine wants and wills the enhancement of all creation. In the same way parents want their children to be well, happy, creative, self-sufficient and to exceed their own accomplishments, the “The Creator” wants all creation to enhance itself. Part of our spiritual DNA, is the ability to “self-modulate”, as The Teachers called it, the ability to change ourselves, to add to what we are, to evolve humanity through our choice of attitude and our creative and loving actions. Be all you can be and more, with enthusiasm and joy. So when you say “I Will Divine Will”, you are willing the enhancement of all creation, thinking and acting on a global level, so to speak.

My favorite invocation for Gabriel is: With Gabriel I joyfully declare, “I will what I want.” Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel.

Discussion: As with the invocation for Khamael, this format states the intention of the invocation prior to the invocation and affirms an attitude of joy. Joy is a necessary component of the enthusiasm that is part of the fuel of creation. I already talked about “I will” and taking the Divine perspective. Here I use the “want’ as an affirmation of being in a place of power, not of lack. The Teachers talk about the evolution process as going through a series of phases at each evolutionary level, and that we go through a consciousness of need on the way to manifesting our wants.

Ready to take the reins and say “Giddyup”?

Seymour Lovejoy

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