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Create A Universe in 7 Easy Steps

Suppose a creator wanted to create a universe one day (she didn’t want to spend a whole week).

First of all, she knew she existed and had potential. She said “KHAMAEL: I am, so I can.”
Second, she decided to go through the necessary steps. She said, “GABRIEL: I can, so I will”.
Then she created the laws for the universe with 7 invocations.

1) “KHAMEL, GABRIEL, RATZIEL: I can and I will intuitive guidance.”
2) “KHAMEL, GABRIEL, RAPHAEL: I can and I will process toward uniqueness”
3) “KHAMEL, GABRIEL, TZADKIEL: I can and I will reproduction in kind”.
4) “KHAMEL, GABRIEL, SANDALPHON: I can and I will optimum progress through resonance and harmony.”
5) “KHAMEL, GABRIEL, TZAPHKIEL: I can and I will understanding, continued serenity and creative enhancement.”
6) “KHAMEL, GABRIEL, MICHAEL: I can and I will appropriation.”
7) “KHAMEL, GABRIEL, HANIEL: I can and I will self mastery through relinquishment.”

Would you like to create something? For any project, even creating your personal universe, you can use the laws and take them a step further.

1) Decide how you’re going to use intuitive guidance to direct you through the completion of your project. Ask your inner self for answers to questions, and be watchful of the ideas that pop into your head.
2) Decide how you’re going to make your project unique, maybe with one of those ideas that popped into your head.
3) Decide how you’re going to make your project reflect you and your goals.
4) Use your intuitive guidance to take the appropriate steps at the right time. Share your goals with people who will resonate with them. Resonating with your goals and others will open appropriate doors. Watch for them, recognize them and take action.
5) Because change is needed for enhancement, you prepare for the required changes. Set the scene, assist the change and voilà!
6) Decide what needs to be acquired to fulfill the requirements of your project and do what is necessary to acquire them, being watchful that someone may give them to you or point you to them.
7) When your project has reached the self-sufficiency you designed and created, let it go and move on to the next project.

You can think about all this all you want, but when you start writing down the details of the plan you’ll get the ball rolling.  Happy creating!

Seymour Lovejoy


Your Super Powers – Sandalphon

Remember, the Archangels are actually powers within you, activated by invocation and intention, which assist you in creating your world, enhancing it and moving on to the next creation. These super powers allow you to create in multiple realms in this universe.

Again, the formula is:
The Archangel invokes the power of the law, working with the principle, to produce the attribute.

Sandalphon, pronounced SAHN-DOLL-PHONE, invokes the power of the Law of Harmony, working with the principle of Revelation, producing Knowledge.

Traditional Invocation: Sandalphon, Sandalphon, Sandalphon. Divine Harmony reveals what I am to know.
Teacher Silverthistle said: “The Law of Harmony says all things work together. In the basic laws or your universe there is no evil, there is no negative, there is no imperfection, there is only truth. All things belong, and everything is akin to everything else, and everyone is a brother to another. The very stars in the sky are signs and a symbol. You cannot be completely detached from divinity. You are part and parcel of the original divine germ cell. You are a part of the divine plan.”

In other words, if one lives with the perspective described by Silverthistle and watchfulness, one  finds freeways vs. dead ends.

My favorite invocation for Sandalphon is: With Sandalphon I joyfully declare, “Choosing Harmony reveals the ways and means of my fulfilling life.
Discussion: This invocation format states the intention of the invocation prior to the invocation, and affirms an attitude of joy. Joy is a necessary component of the enthusiasm that is part of the fuel of creation.

Every moment provides an opportunity to either get in the flow with what’s happening, or clash with it. For instance, if it’s rainy or icy, many people might call it bad weather. This immediately sets up an unnecessary disharmony in one’s consciousness with respect to weather and these conditions. What if, instead, you consider the weather and the forces that control it (Nature) your friend? Perhaps our best response to the weather, and any situation of the moment, is to appreciate what is happening, observe the opportunities that present themselves and take advantage of them. If you’re fighting or fault finding, you’re unlikely to notice them.

Seymour Lovejoy

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On Angels and Archangels

One thing you’re guaranteed with the Temple Teachings, new interpretations of words. In some cases it’s because the English language is lacking in words to fully express multi-dimensional concepts.

Consider The Teachers’ definitions of angels and archangels. The Teachers tell us that an archangel is a natural power already within us which we can turn on and wield through intention and invocation, and that an angel is a deliverer of that power. An angel can take any form to accomplish the assigned task.

“An archangel is like electricity, an angel is like a lamp and light is the accomplished mission of the angel.” (Session #123 – August 13, 1989)

What are the powers the archangels represent? The fundamental attributes of the laws of this universe and cosmos.

1) Existence and Ability, governed by the Law of I AM. Archangel: Khamael (KAH-MAY-EL)

2) Creativity and Persistence, governed by the Law of I WILL. Archangel: Gabriel (GAH-BREE-EL)

3) Wisdom, governed by the Law of Ideation. Archangel: Ratziel (RAT-ZEE-EL)

4) Beauty, governed by the Law of Process. Archangel: Rafael (RAH-FAH-EL)

5) Mercy, Love and Compassion, governed by the Law of Reproduction. Archangel: Tzadkiel (TZAD-KEE-EL)

6) Knowledge, governed by the Law of Harmony. Archangel: Sandalphon (SAHN-DAHL-FONE)

7) Understanding, governed by the Law of Illusion. Archangel: Tzaphkiel (TZOFF-KEE-EL)

8) Feeling and Desire, governed by the Law of Dominance. Archangel: Michael (MICK-KAY-EL)

9) Mastery, governed by the Law of Relinquishment. Archangel: Haniel (HAH-NEE-EL)

We are told to invoke in triplets, contemplating the attributes: 3 Khamael, 3 Gabriel, then 3 of one of the other archangels, taking a full breath to pronounce each name each time. The sounds of the names resonate with and enable the corresponding attribute.

Want to experience and embody the attributes? Tune in by invoking the archangels.

Seymour Lovejoy