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Enhancement is Advancement

Generally, we think of advancement or progress in terms of mankind. However, The Entirety (All That Is) is inseparable from mankind, and we know what ecology tells us, how the Earth is affected by the things we do. Technological progress may not be progress for the ecological whole.

So what is true progress? What makes things better all around? Not just inventions – invent-ing. Creative enhancement on all levels: physical, mental, emotional for the benefit of others and the Earth. Be inventive. Find new ways to enhance your life and the lives of others moment to moment. Look for beneficial options in the moment, then act.

Do you realize that demonstrating love or joy is an enhancement to All That Is? (And it’s free and available now!) When you feel loved or joyful it enhances your life, and others around you benefit from it. Pass it on.

Mental and emotional ecology advance physical ecology.

Light, Love & Joy,

Seymour Lovejoy


Benefit the World Right Now

How can I benefit the world, you may ask? (Go ahead… ask!)

What IS “the world”?

Good question.

The world is our environment… where we live, but more than the physical planet we call Earth.

The world includes all living things, and all dead things, all elements, everything we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, our thoughts and mental environment and, for that matter, things we can’t sense and the source of all potential.

So that being the case, everything we say and do and think affects this larger “environment”. There’s a common saying that reflects this concept: that a single butterfly flapping its wings in Africa affects the entire world.

So, with this perspective of “the world”, any loving thought or deed, benefits the world.

So, wherever you are, at any time, you can do something or even think something that benefits the world, whether you’re alone in a room, in front of a computer, or in a crowd, or out in nature.

And, of course, the more “Minutes of Focus” you put into benefitting the world, the better you get at it and the more benefit there is, and the more people involved in the same thing increases its effectiveness.

Do you see the power you have? A good thing to use wisely, right?

Seymour Lovejoy


Expanding Your Aura

Here’s a quick tip.

Your aura extends out from your body an amount that varies with your current mindset. It’s been said that Jesus walked on water by expanding his aura (and weight) across the entire surface of the water, so there was less downward force at his feet. I don’t really know about that, but according to the Teachers, you can expand your aura, expanding your energetic influence and awareness by using your imagination, or your “imager” as I like to call it. Imagine (put an image in of) your aura/force field expanding like a balloon as you blow out, as if you are in the center of the balloon, filling it from the inside. Now add to that the concept that it’s not air that you’re blowing out, but light, love and joy. And as your aura expands, everyone in its path of expansion benefits.

A great practice to add to any meditation. You can make it part of your morning alone time. What do you think?

Seymour Lovejoy


Blissings.Org: A Global Portal for Unconditional Love

Critical mass describes the point, like the boiling point of water, where, due to an increase of some kind, something fundamentally changes.

In order for the collective human consciousness to evolve in any direction, a significant percentage of people on earth must share a common viewpoint.

To that end, the Blissings.org website was created to provide a means for people to unite in consciousness and increase the amount of unconditional love in the world.

We’re familiar with the concept of a blessing. When we “bless” food, we take a moment to give thanks for what we have, and ask that the food be divinely enriched for our betterment. The Teachers say that our blessing and appreciating the food increases its value and makes it harmonize with us so that it’s better assimilated into our systems.

When we send blessings to others we are expressing our wish that good things happen to them. A “blissing”, however, is a very special type of blessing. It includes the intention that the recipient experience a moment of true bliss, the feeling of being loved and appreciated, and a moment of realization and enlightenment that leads them to express more love and appreciation to others. Surely we all need to feel loved and appreciated, and we would all benefit from certain people and organizations experiencing a moment of enlightenment that leads them to be more loving and compassionate.

When you visit the Blissings.org website, you enter the name of a person or organization to receive a blissing, click the “Send Blissing” button, a light flashes and the cumulative number of blissings sent to the recipient is shown, as well the top ten blissings recipients and their totals. If no recipient is specified, Mother Earth is the default.

The beauty of the website is that, regardless of its simplicity, it is a global portal through which unconditional love is expressed, is demonstrated and grows. As more people use it over and over, humanity approaches that critical mass where love, peace and joy become the status quo.

Now that’s what I call evolution. What do you think?

Seymour Lovejoy


Exercise in Creation #237

Here’s an exercise and an act of creation:

Take about 2 minutes in a quiet place. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and imagine feeling a hug so wonderful, so completing that it makes up for all the hugs you‘ve ever wanted and not received. Bask in that feeling.

Do the exercise as many times as it takes to remember and feel the feeling at will.

Seymour Lovejoy


Your Super Powers – Tzadkiel

Remember, the Archangels are actually powers within you, activated by invocation and intention, which assist you in creating your world, enhancing it and moving on to the next creation.

These super powers allow you to create in multiple realms in this universe.

Again, the formula is:

The Archangel invokes the power of the law, working with the principle, to produce the attribute.

Tzadkiel, pronounced TZ-ADD-KEE-EL, invokes the power of the Law of Reproduction, working with the principle of Cohesion, producing Mercy, Love and Compassion. Tzadkiel means “To know by intuition”.

Traditional Invocation: Tzadkiel, Tzadkiel, Tzadkiel. Mercy, Love & Compassion are infinitely reproduced.

Discussion: Teacher Sheariam said “Reproduction” here means more than procreation. It means that everything repeats itself and everything that is produced has the nature of and is linked to its producer. Through the intuitive faculties, you are forever intrinsically linked with that which created you. Every thing that you create is linked with you in the same way. But you have no more control over that which you create than your own creator has over you. This is why each idea initiated must be pure, for it will reproduce itself limitlessly. But it will never lose contact with that which originally created it.

An idea is simply a new arrangement of the components. This is the miracle-working agent. So long as you believe in things the way they now exist, so long as you accept things as they now exist, so long as your courage fails in creating the new, so long as you fail to practice patience, you will remain without miracles.

By the Law of Reproduction, impatience breeds impatience. You get in your own way. Fear breeds more fear. This is what is meant by becoming attuned, by getting in the flow, by thinking right thoughts, for your thoughts reproduce and hang together and cling to you. The positive Attribute is Mercy and Love. When your thoughts, your deeds and actions are clothed in Mercy and Love, you will be healthy, happy, and prosperous, for you could be no other way.

My favorite invocation for Tzadkiel is: With Tzadkiel I joyfully declare, “Every thought is loving and creates what I want.

Discussion: This invocation format states the intention of the invocation prior to the invocation and affirms an attitude of joy. Joy is a necessary component of the enthusiasm that is part of the fuel of creation.

If my every thought is loving, my world will be full of love and everyone benefits. Reproduce that!

Love is simply joyful acceptance and joyful giving, you need both. It’s all additive, nothing is lost. What you put out stays and grows. Any new places you can start appreciating and giving? It all helps.

Seymour Lovejoy

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