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In Process…

I started to create a “To-Do” list file today.  As I  quizzed myself for an appropriate file name, I realized that naming a list “To Do” or “To Be Done” is putting their completion into the future. You may say, “That’s reasonable. They aren’t done yet.”

However, the guidance of the Evergreens toward “Profitable Thinking”, indicates that there is a more profitable way, a way to reduce the time of manifestation of a desired state, all the while allowing that state be an evolving target, always being enhanced.

What we’re talking about is a change in perspective. You can put things in a box called “The Future” and never quite get there, or you can accomplish more, sooner, by declaring an evolving creation within an evolving box called “Now”.

Suppose “Now” was a file cabinet with three drawers, labelled: “Things Beginning”, “Things Evolving”, and “Things Completing”.  Notice the 3 words: “Beginning”, “Evolving” and “Completing”.  They all describe a current process. That’s a key message to the subconscious that it’s OK to have this situation manifest in the present. You may have been putting it off to the future, but now you’re giving yourself the go-ahead. When you and your subconscious support each other, you super-charge your work.

So… Want to get something going? Create three files: Things_Beginning, Things_Evolving, and Things_Completing, and document your projects in them.  See how quickly things take shape.

-Seymour Lovejoy