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Tithing Toward Utopia

The Temple Teachers say that tithing is not a fund-raising scheme for organizations, but a metaphysical principle of giving back to your life a tenth of what you receive — not just the material gifts you receive, but the kindness, the thoughts, the support, the encouragement, everything in your life.

“If every person would give back one-tenth of what he gets, spreading it among the realms of existence, that is to say, one-quarter of their tenth to sustain the mineral kingdom, another quarter given to the plant kingdom, to protect forests, to encourage agriculture; and another quarter given to the animal kingdom to protect and nurture it; and the last quarter given to the aesthetic values necessary to the elevated consciousness of man, everyone would have everything they could dream of having. No one would be in want, and your planet would be preserved. This is by way of being utopia at the present level of consciousness of mankind today.” (Thursday Session #4, 3/1/84)

If you regularly, consciously, take time to appreciate and radiate love to the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, mankind and higher realms you will be establishing harmony between you and those realms. Harmony opens doors. Do you want to support and be supported by all the reams? Imagine being at the right place at the right time, and things falling into place – every day! That’s what we’re talking about!

Seymour Lovejoy

Seymour Lovejoy